Review article in Atherosclerosis: “Potential epigenetic therapeutics for atherosclerosis treatment”

The AMC groups of Prof. Stroes and Prof. de Winther published recently a review article on epigenetic therapeutics for atherosclerosis in the Atherosclerosis journal.

Common epigenetic modifications such as DNA methylation and histone post-translational modifications are in the spotlight of epigenetic therapeutics and are show promise for the treatment of many diseases including cancer, diabetes, neurological disorders and auto- immune diseases. Despite our significant progress in making systems that model atherosclerosis, much is left to do to accurately test all these potential epigenetic inhibitors for atherosclerosis treatment. Moreover, we also need a better understanding of epigenetic pathways and their regulation at different stages of plaques progression. Understanding this concept in combination with developing biomarker profiling of patients with high and low risk plaques can lead to considerable health benefits.

Recently some success has been achieved in increasing the spe- cificity of these compounds such as BET inhibitors. However, much is left to do in these areas. Among epigenetic compounds some have special properties that makes them more interesting for further im- provement such as nucleoside DNA methyltransferases. They have been used as novel cancer therapeutic strategies.

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